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powerfulguy you must be lacking the ability to read. I told you to read the forum rules. This is not some kiddie forum where you can post without making a comment or post a single video. You need to express your own thoughts. The next time you post a single video or link to start a thread or re-open a thread I moved or closed I'll ban your ass. You savvy??!!

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Ten Things to Remember Before Posting
by Dongfeng, Sumdud, gollevainen & bd popeye.

1, This is a military forum. All non-military related topics belong to the Off-Topic forum.

2, Discussions should be concentrated on Chinese military issues. Issues regarding other countries can be discussed in the World Armed Forces Forum.

3, When posting a new topic, please check if the same discussion already exist.

4, Please also avoid one sentence post when starting a new topic

5, The following posts will be deleted or edited;

  • Posts containing personal attack, swearing, foul language, political propaganda, and commercial advertisement better know as spam.
  • Posts that are offensive to any ethnic, racial or religious groups or government. This isn't political forum.
  • Posts that prompt hatred between different countries or groups of people.
  • Meaningless arguments and inappropriate provocation of other members.
  • Any other posts that the moderators/administrator regard as inappropriate.
    This includes post with comments with "sexual comments". Don't bother with the idiotic & immature "she's hot" etc comments. Remain respectful to all women. Military or otherwise.
  • Any post containing solely article of some others, without comments of the poster, this includes links also. You are responsible of the content of your links so do not post trash
  • Any post that violates universally authors moral right to his own text. So do not even think about plagiarizing. Always provide a source if quoting someone else
  • Political issues of any sort will not be discussed.
6, This is a place for professional discussion. Please do NOT get personal. Do not try to tempt your fellow member to behave nastily. We see quite well trough your attempts. Also its not allowed to post deliberately false material or generally inappropriate comments. This isn't social chat-room so members with only that in mind would be banned.

7, Follow the instructions of the forum moderators. Warnings or banning will be issued for non-compliance. Whether you are corrected in the thread you are posting or by PM. Follow the instructions of the moderators.

8, If a member is clearly just causing trouble, let moderators deal with him/her. Ignore all provocative posting, because it would only worsen the situation. For those who repeatedly violate the rules here, he/she will be banned. The banning of a member is carried out by Dongfeng, Sumdud, Webmaster, Gollevainen & bd popeye. So please contact them directly regarding this. Members getting banned usually follows the path of warnings If member is to receive a warning, it will appear in the public warning list. After two warnings, member is to be banned for one week and permanently if he still manages to acquire a third warning. Also super moderators and administrators have ability to ban members for undisclosed periods according to individual cases.

9, Use only understandable English with out the use of slang that prevents someone with lesser language skills to understand.

Abbreviations such as those used when sending text messages are not permitted. Such as lil, ur, ppl hrd, etc..etc... You know what we mean. LOL and LAMO are permissible.

All rules of moderation apply to a foreign languages as well. Also as we are international community, DON'T make points about someone's lack of English skills. This is a rule that requires patience from all of us.

10, Don’t forget the gollevainen's quiz of the week in the off topic forum.


A) If a moderator edits your post. So be it. Do not edit a moderators post!

If you do decide to edit a moderators edit of your post you will receive a warning!

B) Multiple accounts are not permitted. Do not open a new account if you have been banned! If you have been banned for any period of time. Stay gone. You may still log in and read the forum.

C) Do not make another(multiple) post without someone responding to your previous post. If no one has not responded to a post you have made and you want to make another post simply edit your last post to include your latest thought. That's what the edit button is for.

D) For clarification ... Multiple posting is allowed in news threads and picture threads.

E) All members are NOT permitted to start a thread in which you are soliciting other members for MONEY. No matter what the charity or organization. Or threads selling any sort of items.I.E. Cell phones, Tvs, computers etc. These sort of postings are considered SPAM and will not be permitted in this forum.

ANY member who violates this policy will be banned instantly.

F) Accounts established for the sole purpose of spamming, flaming, trolling and deliberately disrupting this forum will henceforth be banned immediately.

G) RED print is for the exclusive use of moderators. If you want to make a point use some other color or bold print.

H) Topics to compare Indian defense against Chinese defense are not allowed in this Forum!!!!

I) The discussion of Tiananmen Square & Tibet is forbidden.

J) Do not post graphic photos without the use of a hyper-link warning!

K) The posting of Pornography or nudity of any type is not allowed in this forum. Members posting such material will be banned instantly.

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by super moderator gollevainen

I must say I'm bit disappointed whit the start of this new forum. The administration have clearly stated that they wish to make this forum far more professional than the older one. Sadly this haven't been the case. The problem is that almost all of our new topics are these "which is the best stoneclup in the neolitich era?"- type of silly threads. These things started from the military historic forum and have now spread whole over the forum. It must stop and it will!! If any of these kind of childish threads appears again, i will close them...

I'm not saying that you are no longer allowed to start topics, quite the opposite we need good topics and we have way too few of them. But although we have this professional forum it doesn't mean that the rest of the forum is some freaking chatroom.

And making threads like "top 5 engineering troops of the world" also aren't very constructive if none of the members contributing to the thread are not even been in army, let alone in the engineering corps.
Also now on if you want to make a comparison thread in which two or several military equipment is compared against each others, give the adequate information on which the comparison should be done. There's no point of one or two liner threads from the beginning.

Hope you all notice this so that we all can feel proud of our own little forum...
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