Self-propelled artillery modernization


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I just noticed that PLA has a quite large variety of SPG's deployed, but does anyone have figures how many new SPG's are manufactured yearly and what model? I'd assume that PLZ-05 and PLZ-07 are going to replace most of the older and therefore standardizing artillery and making things easier for mechanics.

Older Type 83 SPH seen in recent exercise.

Has there any rumors about new SPG's being developed?


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From the silence I assume that there wont be anything new until most older SPG's are replaced with PLZ-05 and PLZ-07?


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supposedly there is only 78 type 83 produced, and 240 PLZ-05s deployed as of 2012. The 83 probably will stay as long as they are still useful.

As for PLZ-07 and all those 122mm SPAs, the older one will replaced when they are too old. Type 89s are numerous, and sort of new. So it will be around for a while.

As for new SPH, it will probably come around when there is a new IFV family come along.
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