SAAB-Pakistan Contract on ERIEYE secured & effective !


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SAAB recognizes ERIEYE sale to Pakistan as "IMPORTENT"

Important order secured

In October 2005 Saab signed a contract to supply an airborne Surveillance System for Pakistan to the value of 8.3 billion SEK. The last outstanding conditions have now been finalized and the contract has become effective.

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2006-06-22 |

“This is a very important order for Saab and it confirms our strong position on the world market regarding airborne surveillance systems. For a number of years we have been engaged in negotiations with Pakistan for an airborne surveillance system. The system will be used for surveillance, command and control in order to counter the effects of future crises and catastrophes,” says Saab CEO Åke Svensson.

“The effectivity of this contract is a vitally important step in establishing Saabs credentials in the Airborne Surveillance Market,” says Ian McNamee, Group Senior Vice President, International Relations and Business Improvement. “There are great market opportunities for these systems around the world and this contract will act as a springboard to many of them. The combination of the Saab 2000 and the EYRIE radar system offers a cost effective solution for border security, air policing and disaster relief.” McNamee continues.

The airborne surveillance system includes Saab 2000 turboprop aircraft equipped with Ericsson Microwave Systems airborne radar system ERIEYE™. Two third of the order value is for Saab and one third for Ericsson Microwave Systems, witch is, after the Saab acquisition, expected to be a part of Saab in September 2006.

Cost effective platform

Based on Swedish defense technology, Saab Surveillance System is the most modern tactical surveillance system of today. It enables integration with any existing environment, offering great operational flexibility aiming at Superior Situation Awareness.

The Saab 2000 ERIEYE™ AEW&C combines a modern turboprop aircraft with an advanced technology sensor system to provide a highly capable yet cost effective surveillance platform. The primary role of the Saab 2000 ERIEYE™ AEW&C is to detect and track targets. The Saab 2000 aircraft is able to in incorporate high speed dash with low speed loitering capability, with inherent fuel effi ciency that meets demanding AEW&C requirements for performing a 180 degree turn in less than 30 seconds with an endurance of more than 9 hours.

The Saab Surveillance System solves both national and international interoperability issues, such as search & rescue operations, surveillance and control of national borders and economic zones and detection of illegal activities.

Saab Surveillance System, the most modern surveillance system of today:

* Provides Superior Situation Awareness.

* Provides great Tactical Mobility and Short Reaction Times.

* The most suitable platform with excellent Hot and High performance and 180 degree turn capability in less than 30 seconds.

* Integrates with the Existing Systems and improves Decision Support.

* Includes comprehensive selectable logistics support.

* Offers the most cost effective Surveillance System on the market today.

Source: SAAB
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well good buy by pakistan,they get great n effective platform with cheaper price than any other awacs.this will be great counter to indian phalcon.


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This is a wise purchase for Pakistan. It was long overdue and the choice of aircraft seems to be a good one. i've asked this before but no one answered, but I was under the impression that turboprops sometimes interfere with AWACS operability but since this is a new Swede design im guessing theyve overcome this issue..This will go a long way in allowing Pakistan better monitor its airspace and command/control capabilities. What is the crew of each aircraft and how many aircraft are involved in the deal as I would assume that the PAF would want to maintain a 24 hour coverage with these new aircraft whose endurance is 9hrs.