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Campbell said: the US will take decisive actions if Russia goes that way. Cuba crisis II?

I agree with gelgoog that Russia and China should try to build large air and naval bases in Cuba and Venezuela first.
It is already Cuban crisis II .

The USA managed to turn Russia from positive / supportive to neutral, and now in 2022 they managed to turn them to negative.

Now Russia will initiative crisises until the issue resolved in the magnitude of Cuban Missile Crisis.

They wil analyse the options, and choose the ones that gives the same level of fustration to the USA like the missile crisis.

Game theory, in Russia there is long tradition of using theroetical mathematicians for military/political maters.

This whole chain of events is designed by an university professor working in the game theory (I presume )


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the most important thing so far is that the US & the West have made it clear that they will NOT intervene militarily. the poles were abandoned by their western allies numerous times, but at least they were promised military protection in the beginning, the Ukrainians are on their own from the start.

for Putin and his "one nation, one people" dream, it's now or never!


Maybe they will use military weapons ?

How the USA protect his bases in Poland , or on Okinava ?

We know that all midle east USA base is unprotected against Iranian missiles.

The Russian bases in Cuba will have more protection than the best USA base anywhere.
I'am thinking logistic. Can they supply this base in a war?


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I'am thinking logistic. Can they supply this base in a war?
It will be a strategic base.

In the event of attack on the base / war they just will launch the nuclear warheads onto the ICBM silos ,submarine bases , washington, new york an other cities , text back moscow to launch the ICBMs, pack everything and go back home .

Example during the cold war the USA has conditions to launch nuclear attack on the CCCP , like if one strategic base didn't answer and one strategic asset (B-52 or SSBN) doesn't answer then they launched the nukes.


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Russian troops in Syria besieged a column of US military

A convoy of US military was successfully surrounded on the outskirts of the Russian air base.

The Russian military for the first time in six months began an active confrontation with the US military in Syria. According to, this afternoon, a convoy of US military again tried to stage a provocation near the Russian military air base in Qamishli, where air defense systems and fighter jets are already deployed, but this time instead of the base syrian air. The US military convoy was expected by Russian troops, who not only blocked the movement of US military equipment, but also surrounded the area, leaving the US military under siege.

The American military was accompanied by Kurdish formations, however, this did not stop the Russian military from blocking the column of American troops. However, after the US military was barred from entering, the latter's column did not move to the base, but to deflect. In just a few minutes, Russian troops were also sent there, where the Syrian military was also located, which caused the US military to be surrounded and completely blocked.

The situation was resolved after that. how the US military explained the consequences of further attempts to enter territory controlled by the Syrian and Russian military.

This incident indicates that Russia is now ready to respond harshly to any move by the US military in eastern and northern Syria. This does not rule out possible US provocations in that region.



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when Y-20 had first flight. there was no production line for IL-476. it takes several years before first flight happens.
so i am not sure why you are relating the two projects.
it took long to start production line as various specialized aircrafts were tested before it is certified. but once plane is certified for various missions. it is not much harder to scale up production. and you can see from the picture. the plane is already built on new line.

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AN-22 and AN-70 are two excellent transport planes. Unfortunately, Russia cannot rebuild these two planes after divorce with Ukraine

But China still has opportunities. It will be useful if China invests in Ukrana and takes this technology. Of course, China needs more careful, to not repeat the Motor-Sich case
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