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Zircon and Yasen will be a killer duo. Pun intended. Zircon armed Yasen may be the most dangerous weapon platform the US Navy faced after the cold war. Even though Russia is not a great power by economic measures, the Soviet Union's military tech legacy is definitely no joke.
I am not sure why you think Russia not economic superpower? It has its own methods and measurements of how much real value of activity. It ensures that it only sells raw materials or food to other countries and use its own best brains for unique domestic products.

IL-76 was sent to bring a relatively small piece of equipment from Milan to Siberia.
IL-76 range is such that it need intermediate stops so alot more fuel and flight hours for flight.
Not only Italians Manufactured the product during the height of epidemic but Russian firms have money to send empty plane and bring the product back.

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