Russian efforts to sell the Su-57/PAK FA to China

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Now we have an official proposal posted by Gloire-bb today on the Chinese Purchase of the Su-35 thread. This would be a mutually beneficial arrangement, and similar to the long awaited purchase of the Su-35 by the PLAAF?

hopefully he will share that link here shortly?


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I doubt the Chinese would buy the initial Su-57 production. It uses similar engines to those in the Su-35. The weapon systems available right now are also similar. Once the Article 30 engines become available in addition to more modern weapons I could see them purchase it even if it was just to evaluate the technology. Once the Su-57 has the new engines and the R-77M missile then it will become an interesting weapons platform.


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Russia is reportedly eyeing exporting Su-57, its most advanced fighter jet, to China, an offer Chinese experts described as an indication of the close strategic relations between the two countries.

While Chinese analysts are becoming convinced of the Su-57's combat capabilities, some are skeptical whether the Russian warplane can integrate into the Chinese system since China has developed its own advanced J-20 fighter jet.
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At this point, though, it is just an unconfirmed "Russia would like to".
No reliable sources, no confirmed reply from Chinese side, and so on.

Globaltimes, as a source, however, is not to be underestimated.


only later realized the Russian source I had quoted above took it from Jane's
LIMA 2019: Russia set to clear Sukhoi Su-57 for export
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LOL I'll leave the above post as is, with "foreign sales manager" instead of "the director for international co-operation and regional policy"


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There is nothing I have seen so far on SU57 that really makes me feel that the PLA doesn’t already have or could do with J20.
From what I have seen on J20 vs SU57
Stealth J20=SU57 I know I know Don’t Eye ball but lets face it all those bolt on parts effect RCS. J20 is smoother save for the Conrad’s
Range J20=SU57 they are about on par with each other.
Avionics J20>SU57 thus far J20 seems more modern.
Armament J20<SU57 The SU57 seems like is has a larger potential interior bay. The Russians pushed for use cruise missiles in SU57. But the Chinese can counter that if they go for smaller diameter types.
Maneuver J20=SU57 So far they seem on par. The Russians over emphasize Air to air maneuver to an extreme but thus far J20 is fairly good is not on par.
Engine J20=Su57 The Su57 doesn’t yet have it’s intended engines but then neither does J20 both are using Flanker engines.

Unless the Russians roll out a Naval version for offering to the PLANAF right now J20 is more ready for production.
The Russian “Offer” I think is more a propaganda pitch than reality,


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Cost of J-20: 120 million $

Cost of J-31: 70 million $

Cost of Su-57: 40-50 million $

Based on that, Su-57 doesn’t need any additional merit to already be considered a serious contender.

Besides, the plane will proliferate, so having some would be useful for training purposes.

The main flaw of the Su-57 is that it has not made up it’s mind to use stealth or maneuverability. However, that flaw can easily be mitigated by pairing it up with J-20s, the same way J-20s would be paired by up with 4.5gen otherwise.

Finally, like the Flanker design, it would have high upgrade potential. While the J-31 is stuck with smaller WS-13 engines, which are not revolutionary, an upgraded Su-57 can benefit from J-20’s engines. A larger design also means more room for avionics and eventual sensor upgrades.

Even if a comprehensive contract is not signed, China still has good reason to get a handful for training purposes, like it was done with Su-35.
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