Rumoured Type 076 LHD/LHA discussion


What is the difference? 2x40m for UCAV VS 1x40m 1x60m for J35&UCAV.

Give up all the possibility that comes with J35 for the mere 20m space saving on the left side of the deck (landing deck anyway).

During times of conflict, consider the scenario when some African rebel group (claim China dept trap their country) attack Chinese shipping. Or some funny business by the Indian navy (claim Chinese shipping breaks sanctions whatever). 076 with J35 would have been a centerpiece to project power and prevent escalation of such scenarios.

This is the 1st 076, 50k tons is not cheap. Navy needs to experiment with new tactics on this ship. If they make up their mind that only 40m is needed, they can build such ships later.
Not going to happen. If PLAN need to send a large fleet, it will be aircraft carrier with fixed wing (including J35) and rotary wing aircraft, and type 076/075 with beach assault teams supported by UCAV/UAV, and escort by DDG, FFG and replenishedment ships.

Type 076 carrying J35 onboard is just an illussion from netizens influenced by much publized F-35 LHA operations of US Marine Corp, which often go on mission independently from US Navy support since they are 2 seperate branches of US military.

We don't foresee any J35 operating from type 076, there are no credible rumour to suggest this, so unless and until PLAN give hints of such intention, just forget about J35 on type 076.


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What is the difference? 2x40m for UCAV VS 1x40m 1x60m for J35&UCAV.
The difference is after all the efforts and comprise you still got only ONE fighter capable catapult (that's assuming 60 meters is enough which is not a given). It means you only get a low sortie rate. You would be limited to certain deck layouts and would probably hinder operation of helicopter and UCAV because you can launch from only one side of ship. But the worst of them is the entire ship would lose its capability of operating J-35 (which would need even more efforts comprise) anytime this catapult is under maintenance\malfunctioned\damaged in battle.

The difference is you sacrifice efficiency of other arguably more important missions in exchange for a unreliable and inefficient capability.


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thrilled roller coaster 6.3g
J15 on impact up to 5.5g
Rafael-M launch up to 5g

40m likely is the low-end requirement for J35 (5g 1.3s) and most drones.
60m gives more headroom, 3.6g for 1.8s.

multiple lanes driven by one power system anyway.


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Where is the thread for this STOVL 5th gen aircraft?

Here: ... still a concepts & considerations or what-if thread



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No, if you've been on these forums long enough (or read up on previous discussions), you'd be aware of the current community consensus about that project being low probability/low priority.