Rumoured Type 076 LHD/LHA discussion


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Is it viable to strap a module that contains the vtol jet engine and its own fuel tank also sensors and landing legs to help land and attach to the the aircraft autonomously, like an underbelly fuel tank in terms of size and placement

asif iqbal

forget about VTOL never going to happen in China

however I would like to know what the timeline is for the LHA programme

the LPD+LHD programme has almost ended

the Type 054A programme is also almost over with 2 x Type 054AP left for export

so question is when will Type 076 LHA start

will we will now see LHA + Carriers in the future

I propose a 40,000 + ton LHA and 3 warships from 2020 onwards

8 x LPD + 3 x LHD + 3 x LHA


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Well VTOL does have it's benefits if you can address the fuel consumption and dead weight isssues, 2n LHD and 2n LHA is a given since they traditionaly roll out and test ships as a pair but we still don't know when it will happen and PLAN can act frustratingly slow sometimes


I found this video that summarizes what we know about the 076 thus far and frames it in perspective of why introduce a new LHD when the 075 is still in sea trial; why include nuclear and biochemical protection; why use EMAL; why China does not develop VTOL capabilities; how will UAV be used in tandem with other Chinese systems in landing combat.

Most importantly English translation of this video is very good. So enjoy.

Overall I found the video very informative. I think this vlogger greatly underestimates F35 capabilities and seems to distrust the American Government's intentions for the world. But that's another topic for another day.

Please don't post content from that channel. The commentator has no credibility. He's just a voluble crackpot talking at length about subject matters he knows little about. He even mistook JL-10 lead-in trainers for J-16s in another video. Beyond laughable. Sinodefence Forum has higher standards for what information should be shared, and that video misses them by a country mile.
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