Pre-Diluvian Civilisation


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Well its Sunday and time to gossip about the interesting and quirky.

One of my Sunday interests has for many years ben on the subject of Pre-Diluvian Civilsation.

Before we start though, lets clear a couple of things. This is an area which atteracts a huge and disparate number of looneys (like you Sanpan?:roll:) (No:mad: ) who are selling all kinds of weird semi religeous, ufo and otherwise cranky claims.

I do not associate with these.

My interest is very simple. Orthodox Archeology tells us that Agriculture started around 8000 years ago and proto civilisation started 6000 years ago.
There is however, no intrisic reason why humans could not have started this development at any point 10000 - 20000 years before this time.

It is argued that humans did start this process during the last Ice Age and that Civilisation was seriously disrupted by the Climatic Shifts caused by its ending, which innundated miost of the habited and developed land when sea Levels rose by over 150 meters.

The consequence of this is a tradition of ancient flood myths, tales of Golden Ages and lost kingdoms all around the world. There are also tantalizing anomoylies in the form of ancient maps etc, which seem to portray very ancient geographical details.

There is a strong interest in these matters relating to East Asia and India where very strong Pre-Diluvian myths pervade and where huge amounts of extra land were once exposed above Sea Level. (The East Asian Coast extended beyond Taiwan and down as far as Indonesia).

DO I beleive any of this? Well its fascinating, romantic and yes, I would love it to be true. Belief though is for the Religious and I like to think of myself as scientific.

So do any of you have a passing interest in this subject, do you (especially those of Chinese and Indian origin) become aware of new archeological data perhapse nor generaly known in the West?

If you say yes to any of the above, then do tell.:D

Ender Wiggin

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Well, as they say you dig in Europe you'll find bones, you dig in eqypt you'll find bricks and robe, dig in mesopetania and you'll find clay tablets.

You dig in China and you'll find a cell phone.