Plan Type 095/096 Nuclear Submarine Thread


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Not sure how Titanium ever came to the thread, Chinese subs all use steel. I never heard them using Titanium. Russian participation or technical assistance to Chinese submarines are practically non existent. Russian submarine technology is something the Russians keep to themselves close at heart.

However, do note that the Japanese use very deep dive tactics with their SSKs, and that is something the Chinese will not just stand around and watch, which is why the Yuans are trying to beat depth records on their own.


So what kind of steel do the Chinese use on their latest boats? and have they gone a completely different direction on own nuke boats as far as design?
I can't vouch for its reliability but the Chinese supposedly uses very advanced steel that is equivalent to HY114. Naturally diving depth is a function of steel strength, wielding technique and hull design. it should be noted that when talking about diving depth there is a need to distinguish between operating and crush depth. The rule of thumb in the USN is the adoption of 2/3 ratio between operating and crush depth but is different with other navies in terms of safety threshold..