PLAN Type 075 LHD discussion

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Wow just made my day


A 3rd is not visually confirmed yet

1st will be launched definitely this year

If not I will leave this forum and never return :eek:

I suggest HD shipyard will take this threat seriously


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The fishnet thing is a running gag among Chinese military/defense related forum. It's basically a comical counter against the so-called "China Threat Theory" that's popular among WASP nations. So basically, an example would be:

A WASP nation like Australia reacts to Chinese amphibian task force fleet visiting Australia port like: "OMG, the communist invaders are at our doorsteps!"

Chinese people reply: "calm down, that's just some high-tech fishing boats we build! Don't be a chicken!"

And this running joke pretty permeates to every thing military in China:

J-20 is just a large agricultural drone for spraying pesticides for our Chinese crops.
ZTZ-99 is just an agricultural tractor for plowing our Chinese rice field.
055 is just a high-tech ocean fishing boat for catching fishes deep in the middle of the Pacific.
001, 002, and 003 are just a large whalers. (oops, the Aussies will be double pissed at this one!)
Learn something new every day


Interesting article in Sina speculating about the LHD function as anti submarine ships. excerpt
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Recently, some netizens broke the news that the Chinese Navy has placed orders with the shipyard and ordered three 075-type amphibious assault ships in one breath. Previously, the news about 075 has been constant, 075 has almost formed a situation that is ready to be launched , perhaps 075 has already been established, and the waiting is now the over. If the information of the netizen is true, then the construction of the 075 will start soon. I believe that soon, you can see that the segment appears in the shipyard.

  As for why China is preparing to build three 075-type amphibious assault ships in one breath, the biggest root cause is that China needs to make up for its own shortcomings. This short board is not a lack of amphibious landing ship combat equipment, but our army anti-submarine short board has been unable to obtain a fundamental solution. Of course, even the US military can't confidently say that it has solved the anti-submarine problem. However, the US military with a large number of anti-submarine equipment can be said to be very powerful. In contrast, China's anti-submarine capability in the offshore due to the lack of a large number of fixed-wing anti-submarine aircraft, so the anti-submarine strength has been greatly restricted, although the service of Gaoxin No. 6 solved the urgent need, but the number of equipment can not catch up in a short time, so we Still need to wait for a while.

For the anti-submarine in the open sea, our army's anti-submarine strength is very problematic. Just relying on the sound of the destroyer and one or two anti-submarine helicopters, the anti-submarine capability can be described as stretched. At this time, if there is a "small flat top" with 30 anti-submarine helicopters, then the anti-submarine strength of our army in the far sea will be flush with the US military. So, the rapid construction of three ships 075 is very meaningful!

  The Type 075 amphibious assault ship is a type of netizen's large-scale amphibious warship designed for China. The deck of the 075 is designed as a straight-through deck. It is generally considered to have four helicopter landing points, at least two lifts, and capacity. Huge helicopter hangar, there is also a huge docking cabin under the hangar to carry a certain number of 726A domestic hovercraft. In 2012,

At the Abu Dhabi Defense Exhibition, China once showed an amphibious assault button on a straight-through deck. According to the information, the ship's displacement was 25,000 tons. But this is only an amphibious assault ship used by China for export. The displacement of 25,000 tons is not what China can see now. The future 075 should reach 40,000 tons of displacement, similar to the US amphibious assault ship wasp.

The dimension of the Type 075 amphibious assault ship should be 250 meters wide and 30 meters wide, and can accommodate more than 30 helicopters at the same time. It can accommodate about 4 straight 18 transport helicopters, 6 straight-20 universal transport helicopters, 4 straight 10 attack helicopters, 12 anti-submarine helicopters derived from straight 20, 6 card 28 anti-submarine helicopters, etc., or other Helicopter matching, depending on the target of the campaign, the related helicopters will also be different.

 This is just the carrying capacity of a 075 amphibious assault ship. When three ships are simultaneously in the formation of the aircraft carrier, their anti-submarine strength will be very strong. Imagine more than 30 anti-submarine helicopters relaying anti-submarine. The perimeter of the Chinese fleet will become a striking submarine. The giant network, the anti-submarine helicopter and the destroyer sonar, coupled with the advanced anti-submarine torpedo, China will have the same anti-submarine strength as the United States, so that any submarine that intervenes to challenge the Chinese fleet will be strangled in the depths of the ocean. ( sharp blade / Zhang Yang)

  "Out of the sheath" is a full start on Sina Weiwei official WeChat every day. "Out of the sheath" full content can scan the picture QR code to pay attention to Sina military official WeChat preemptive view (see the details of the WeChat public number: sinamilnews)


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LHDs fill the bill of "We want to patrol and control the sea territory, but we don't want to look too heavy handed using a full sized aircraft carrier to do so."

A case in point would be patrolling the Gulf of Aden. An aircraft carrier would look too heavy handed, but an LHD may not.