PLAN Type 071 LPD News, Pics, and Reports


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Around 15:45 mark.
Is this the first video clip about the Number 3336 LCAC in operation (14:59)?
Also, the driver seat (14:55) seems a little different from below picture, the first batch of 726A - the space is enough for another person in the video, but NOT that obvious for below one. Not sure, though... ...


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Actually, i cant find a range on water figure for zbd05 anywhere.

So we dont really know about the oth possibility.

Then again, horizon is a relative term.

If a sensor on a beach is at 3 m height, it could see an object sticking 1 m above water up to 6 km away optically. (Or up to 7 km away with radar.)

If the sensor is on a small hill or a mast or whatever and is at 15 m height, optical distance will be 17.5 km. And radar distance will be 20 km.

Sensor on 50 m above water will see the object from 29 km away or from 33 km with radar.

We do have a figure for the old US AAV vehicle when it comes to range on water: 20 nm or 37 km. On road it can do 480 km.

Zbd05 does have a figure claimed for road range: 550 km.

So... depending on speed over water, which defines fuel consumption, and depending on waves and sea state, which again influence speed, and depending on height of enemy sensors, geography and overall tactical situation - there are definitely occasions where zbd05 could do over horizon deployments.


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When Thailand gets this ship it would probably be larger then most southeast Asian navies vessels when you think of how long it is , maybe not the largest but certainly larger then anything Indonesia or Vietnam has