Plan Type 056 Class Opv/corvette


Via JSCh. Any one know the torpedo room dimension specially the door?
Chinese top unmanned chopper completes night drills, military service eyed
By Liu Xuanzun Source:Global Times Published: 2019/6/20 17:40:21

An AV500W vertical take-off and landing unmanned aerial vehicle made by Aviation Industry Corporation of China is on display at the 12th China International Aviation and Aerospace Exhibition, also known as Airshow China 2018, in Zhuhai, South China's Guangdong Province, on November 6, 2018. Photo: IC

China's top unmanned helicopter, the AV500, has successfully conducted its first night operation under challenging conditions, demonstrating its any-time, all-terrain capabilities, a result which Chinese analysts said on Thursday might increase the possibility for the Chinese military to put it into service and attract overseas buyers.

An AV500 took off and flew toward sea in a headwind of 15 meters per second at midnight on June 14 in South China's Hainan Province. During the nighttime mission, the drone helicopter successfully located its target vessel with its electro-optical pod and transferred back clear infrared visuals, read a statement the helicopter department of the state-owned Aviation Industry of China (AVIC), the maker of the AV500, released on Wednesday.

During its flight, the AV500 overcame challenging environments including strong winds and high salinity and humidity, AVIC said in the statement, noting the operation proved the drone helicopter's capability to operate at night.

In 2017, the company flew the AV500 in Northwest China's Gansu Province, as it climbed to an altitude of 5,006 meters, a record for a domestically developed helicopter drone.

Through these tests, the AV500 has shown outstanding environmental adaptability and strong reliability, a military expert who requested anonymity told the Global Times on Thursday, noting that these characteristics could make the unmanned helicopter attractive to both domestic and international clients.

A drone helicopter could conduct patrol, reconnaissance, damage evaluation and attack missions for the military. It could also be deployed on missions relating to anti-terrorism, firefighting and disaster evaluation, the expert said.

AV500W, an armed reconnaissance variant of the AV500, successfully conducted a missile firing test in 2018, making it combat ready, AVIC said earlier.

It can carry a 175-kilogram payload and fly at a maximum speed of 170 kilometers an hour carrying laser-guided missiles or machine guns, the company said.

The AV500 also took part in a military exercise at the invitation of the People's Liberation Army (PLA) and conducted a mock assault mission, China Aviation News reported in September 2018.

Since the PLA does not seem to have helicopter drones in service, it might consider adding one, the military expert suggested, noting that a helicopter drone is more flexible and offers unique advantages over traditional fixed wing drones.

AV-500 UAV is developed by CHRDI and produced by CAIC. AV-500 based on the experience gained from U8E, and it is named as its maximum take-off weight of 500 kg. Like U8E, AV-500 is also an unmanned helicopter in conventional layout with a pair of skids as landing gear. Specification:
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  • Weight (kg): 480 – 500
  • Payload (kg): 140
  • Ceiling (km): 3.5
  • Endurance (hr): 6
  • Cruise speed (km): 160
  • Max speed (km): 180
  • Control radius (km): 150
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There is small hangar and roll up door that housed the torpedo on one side when in stow position But when it in operation in need to swing 90 degree and that take space
That "hanger" has probably just enough room to store the drone in storage mode and nothing else, anyone who's taller than 1.7m will be risking head injury operating inside that ship. Torpedo tubes on both starboard and port side.


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I don't ever think the PLAN ever discusses their road maps. Its their strategy to keep you guessing what they plan to build, until you get to see it in the shipyard a few months ready to get launched. That only leaves you with hypothetical speculation and rumors of rumors.

Having already flooded the seas with the 056, I can only speculate how they can upgrade and refit the ships, or how they can improve the 056A in the future.

For example, people will not notice anything special with these two 056A, other than the newest ones. Like any other 056A? But there is something different about them --- they got a new antenna on top of the bridge --- which I believe is likely for a high speed digital ship or plane to ship communication. Some sort of CEC perhaps, data linking or sharing with helos or patrol aircraft, but one I am suddenly thinking of right now, is communication and control of drones.

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Doesn't look like its going to end at 64 ships if there is an Improved Type 056A on top of the 056A.

It relates to the picture above too. So the new ship not only got a new communication array, but a new ECM and a larger SATCOM. There is a bit of degradation with the 30mm gun swapped with a machine gun.


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Comparison of China navy type 056A corvette and type 056A improved corvette 056A与056A(新批次)对比


Bonus pic of 63rd Typ 056A launched. Likely the Improved A bunch.

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Not HDZ however, this is more likely Guangzhou Huangpu.

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