PLAN Type 052/052B Class Destroyers


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Chinese citizens visit the recently upgraded guided missile destroyer Harbin, 112, of the North China Sea Fleet which was opened to the public in east China's Shandong province to celebrate the PLAN's 66th anniversary.

You can see the new starboard side Type 730 CIWS back there, along with other modifications. Nice.
Wasn't it upgraded back in 2011?


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It is still a bit early for DDG 168 and 169 for major mid-life refit since they are just about 10 years in service.

168 and 169 are/will be under-going only minor refit as what had been done on DDG 170 last year, cutting open the side of hull and replace some equipment there. I don't think we will see any major changes other than the main gun.

Major refit of weapons and radar will be around 2020 after these ships have seen 15 years of service.

3 ships - DDG 167, 136 and 137 are due/ is under Mid life refit. These ships have done 15 years service.
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