PLAN Marine Corps aviation units and helicopters


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As per this report, these are allegedly the first PLAN Marine Corps helicopters under the PLANMC 7th Aviation Brigade ... Does anyone know an official report

Also, given that TV-report mentioned here at
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and @沉默的山羊 from Weibo (I cannot find the video itself) it seems as if the helicopter is the Z-8C; the Z-8CJ is a training variant at the NA University.

Does anyone have the full video?

Z-8C PLAN MC in TV - 20200722 - 5.jpgZ-8C PLAN MC in TV - 20200722 - 4.jpgZ-8C PLAN MC in TV - 20200722 - 3.jpgZ-8C PLAN MC in TV - 20200722 - 2.jpgZ-8C PLAN MC in TV - 20200722 - 1.jpg


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Do you have any any information about the growth of the PLAN MC? I have heard they were planning to bump numbers up but i am not sure what it is like now.

asif iqbal

so can we say this is the first naval aviation brigade which was announced last year ?

if so this would be a important milestone

and navy will require quite a few of these


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The underside of these helicopters seem very hydrodynamic to my untrained eye, I wonder how well they float.