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I really don't see what's so funny about this, using OPFOR in exercises is a major training routine for military powers.
OPFOR units certainly do not need to have the exact same equipment as the real enemy; they simply need to be able to simulate in exercises the tactics that the enemy can employ.
In fact, in this exercise, the two sides may have been mutually OPFORs.
Maybe I shouldn't have used lol.

I think more appropriately it would be that it made me smile?


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From 6th of May to 8th of May, PLA ETC will be organizing exercises to east and south-west of Taiwan involving navy, air force, conventional missile and other troop types, with the objective of further improve joint combat capabilities between multiple branches of the armed forces.

Well that's different, exercises involving PLARF. Reckon they're using Liaoning or Ronald Reagan as practice target?