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Looking back at 2018 Zhuhai Air show, I found this one for HQ-16E, with missiles in container/canister. They are not the same but share some similar features. The new VLS could be an improved version.
Zhuhai Airshow 2018 HQ-16E SAM dndn.jpg

Forget about the missiles shown in the new VLS for next week's show, they are just models, not exact replication of the real thing. Also note that they are not stored in container/canister unlike the display in the 2018 show.


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What is that big blue missile in the front though? Looks like a huge booster section of some missile. But if so, I don't know of any Chinese missile with such a booster. ... Except for that one mystery missile from years ago, when a blurry image of a similar huge booster missile was coming out of a 052d (?) destroyer.

Or is it just yj18 or something like that, and the perspctive makes it look as if the booster is huge.

Note that the quad packer is at the corner. IMO the VLS display with the quad packers was shifted in this pic so the HHQ-10 launcher display took its position.