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And that shall give the hint that future PLAN frigates will be bigger in size :cool: .
Yes, abd I think the new 054B may be 4500-5500 in tonnage and have a max speed of 30 knots to keep up with the aircraft carrier task force.


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Follow up with a shot from a different perspective. Any idea what the other missiles are? They don't fit with the profile of known missiles so far so maybe new types?


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What is that big blue missile in the front though? Looks like a huge booster section of some missile. But if so, I don't know of any Chinese missile with such a booster. ... Except for that one mystery missile from years ago, when a blurry image of a similar huge booster missile was coming out of a 052d (?) destroyer.

Or is it just yj18 or something like that, and the perspctive makes it look as if the booster is huge.


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How significant is that picture? Is it just a crappy mockup done by a no name company or does it indicate it is near to/secretly already in use?