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I eagerly await for the day the PLAN will catch up to us in terms of that one boot senior enlisted whose desk is covered in hats and coins.


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Fantastic images. Are these your scans? Which magazine are they from and how do I get it? :cool:

They aren't mine. They are from a magazine called Modern Ships (现代舰船). Not sure how you can access the magazine if you don't live in China.


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Gorgeous images of an underway replenishment of a carrier strike group.


One more...


asif iqbal

nice to see the Type 091 Tanker with a large helicopter on the rear deck

also good number on the carrier

also we see over half a dozen on the Type 075 LHD recently

if they can now start to mix these helicopters with naval Z10 would be awesome

throw in the Z9C for medivac and SAR missions

lets start mixing the air wings now