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This has been discussed to death and back on a number of forums and the concensus is that an Indian Su30MKI was shot down by a PAF F16 equipped with AMRAAMS. As the evidence points to a steam pile of Su30MKI, then no you wont have that, but then by that logic nothing ever gets shot down. We have records of 2 mysterious deaths of Su30MKI pilots who somehow managed to drive into some trees at 3am in the morning in Srinigar, we have commentary from the Russian ambassador on poor deployments that lead to the loss of an Su30MKI, and we have the orders for "replacements for crashes of Su30MKIs" s to bring them back to full strength which is offset by an additional airframe, that is more than the "offical record of Su30MKI crashes"....

I followed the story closely at the time, and there was a lot of fake evidence going round to supposedly prove a Su-30 shoot-down, all of which was easy to refute using reverse image search and similar tools. Despite that I never saw any of the stuff you allege here, so you'll have to do better than to fling about unsubstantiated claims.


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uhhh.... can someone please educate me if the current sonar has enough resolution to see a face on a submarine? it would be terrify

Terrifyingly hilarious.

A giant sub like a dual Typhoon class is so unnecessarily complex and expensive one may as well just buy and build two Typhoon class equivalents. At least then you could put your eggs in two baskets. One modern SSBN can basically take an entire nation the size of the US (without defenses) back to the stone age. At some point in the calculus, survivability trumps sheer throw weight. The Borei is quite a bit smaller than the Typhoon. Borei and Ohio are probably the optimum size if your fleet already has good numbers of SSBNs to ensure at least one is around to devastate even after efforts to sink all of them. With China, the design and building experience along with the powerplant probably have limited 094 to the size it is, which is still rather impressive and capable of 12 JL-2s.


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PLAN: Sails ships through the most direct international waterway to the Pacific (a few hundred miles from the Chinese mainland)

TWZ: Ominous signs of Chinese aggression towards Japan

USN: Sails CSG's across thousands of nms to transit 12m from Chinese territory

TWZ: Why would China object to this? It's perfectly legal ‍


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Liaoning is conducting exercises to the east of Taiwan while PLAAF is keeping them busy from the west, that's quite the encirclement.

I should point out that air defence on the eastern side of Taiwan is very weak as it's traditionally seen as the "rear area". PLAN carriers are changing that equation.