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On November 30, a ceremony for the incorporation of a new type of domestic medical ship, the Nanyi 13 ship, was held at the Nansha Yongshujiao Military Port. The ship will be stationed on Nansha Islands after being listed. In recent years, modern hospitals have been built on Yongshu Reef, Zhubi Reef, and Meiji Reef. However, the Nansha sea area is vast. In case of emergencies, three reef hospitals need to send doctors to respond. Being listed fills the gap of maritime medical rescue force in Nansha waters.
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courtesy : @z5J6NWig6ByNnsC.
How does this ship compare in facilities to China's other hospital/medivac ships?


Some more images of the new hospital ship, with a peek at the facilities.



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The official brochure of the 14th Research Institute of the China Electronics Technology Corporation (CETC) shows the fourth Chinese aircraft carrier, which is only planned to be booked. According to the Chinese media, the laying of the fourth aircraft carrier with a nuclear power plant, electromagnetic catapults and a displacement of about 80 thousand tons for the PLA Navy is planned in 2022.


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What are we looking at? What's the context? Please add a comment or description to any image you post. Thank you.
CETC wishing all high school students taking final exam good luck (not actually "good luck" and more like Gambateh in Japanese)