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Was it really washed shore or was it retrieved by Vietnamese fishermen from the sea (judging from the ropes and stuff seen on the tail)?

People are guessing it's either a Yu-6 or a newer Yu-10 (color scheme similar to the one shown in the pic below - which is believed to be the new Yu-10 - but I'm personally not sure).***
The color scheme looks identical to the a torpedo in the 093A compared to the older Yu-6. If it is one of PLAN's latest heavy torpedoes, then this would be royal ****-up by someone. :eek::mad:



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the Chinese build aircraft carriers, if they are sure that they can strike an aircraft carrier, they would not make them
This is a basic logic screw up. Why would Chinese NOT build their OWN aircraft carrier because they can strike aircraft carrier of OTHER's?

"My sword is sharper to break your shield, so I would give up my own shield", what is that?o_O Am I hitting my shield with my sword? Or the author expect China will hand over her ASBM to him to strike Chinese aircraft carrier?


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They won't be offering ASBMs for export if they don't think it would work. As for guidance system, its also shown in this model.

GPS, thermal-optic image recognition is how a missile strikes static land based targets, but against moving targets you really have to use radar.