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The images are taken at Zhuhai. This is apparently by a private company. I'm unsure if it's manned or unmanned.

I hope it's unmanned because the backblast from a rocket or missile launch will kill and blow the pilot into the water!!! not to mentioned the mount obstructing the critical frontal arc on a small craft like this.


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Thought so for the reasons I gave earlier ... but glad you confirmed. A swarm of these could potentially be extremely dangerous and menacing to major capital assets or even by themselves a good interdictor against criminals or security purposes.
The swarming boats in this video is not the same model, but they are made by the same company, Oceanalpha/Yunzhou. Strap one anti ship missile on each and a pack of 20 would be extremely dangerous. Much like the type022 swam envisioned in the late 90s/early2000s, except way more expendable and aggressive.