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And did anyone notice that the AKF-98A guided missiles for the J-16 and JH-7A2 differ in the tail unit and in the placement of the block plating elements.

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The way I see it, the one on the J-16 (pic 2) is more likely to be a mock-up with tail control surfaces that looks like they’re just screwed on. The top one has more elaborate details in that regard (may still not be a fully functional missile, but still)


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regarding your entry for YJ-1000, you wrote "YJ1000 can be carried by JH-7A2 and J-16. It appears similar to American GBU-28 but smaller and lighter"

As a 1 ton class bunker buster LGB, YJ-1000 is probably most similar to GBU-24, which is also a 1 ton bunker buster LGB.
I'm not sure why it would be compared with GBU-28, given it weighs 2 tons -- when GBU-24 exists as a peer
Thanks for the correction! Somehow GBU-28 gave me too much impression during the last days of Gulf War 30 years ago. I will change it to GBU-24.

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Weibo user claims this photo is from an official report about a plaaf unit of the Southern Theater Command in January. @Blitzo

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Weibo user dug out a report about a JH-7A unit of STC last year
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"A few years ago, after he learned that his unit was going to receive new aircraft, which could carry several models and more than ten types of new domestic guided ammunition..."

PLAAF often shows its rockets only, wondering what other ammunition are still hidden by them. The 2PZD-21 is also not new.
Screenshot 2022-11-09 163100.jpg

These looks like Kh-29, the color of it looks like Chinese domesticated production version of Kh-29. I wonder what range does these missiles have.