PLAAF JH-XX / H-X bomber project


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It turns out to be nothing, per Bltizo's post in a different thread.

Nah we see that machinery from the side, on the blurried picture. It's from the side look a bit differrent and it's on the right. The censured thing on the left is not on that picture, probably farther.


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The JH-11 is intrinsically useful because unlike subsonic platforms like the GJ-11 and H-20 it is super sonic allowing for easier hit and run attacks and evasion of enemy missiles. Supersonic flight regimes also allow squadrons to disperse over larger areas but still be able to vector in to assist other allied forces. It is a huge deal to have super sonic flight and super cruise capabilities. I don't know why people are denying basic Newtonian physics here.

The Serbian SA-3s had been modernized and the USAF got cocky and was flying the exact same bombing routes repeatedly.
the serbian experience doesn't apply well to modern high-intensity warfare. the amount of patience and discipline it took to make it happen is hardly replicable in most circumstances.


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I'm a little confused here, why are we talking about the JASSM? One, it's a subsonic missile, it'll be very vulnerable to CIWS using optical/IR guidance. Two, it's better to attack via multiple modalities than just sticking to one. Right now, China doesn't really have the ability to use missiles like the YJ-12 because no launch platform can get close enough. The point of the JH-XX would be to make that possible. Not only that, if it can launch at supersonic speeds, it can launch YJ-12 from an even longer distance. Another option is to launch an upgraded version of the YJ-12 that has the same range but can fly faster since it'll be launched with a higher initial speed and altitude than what the H-6 can achieve. Yet another option is to launch a higher quantity of short range sino-JASSMs since they'd be much smaller than longer ranged ones that a H-6 would need to carry. This would potentially decrease reaction time.

Being able to penetrate closer to a CBG and come back alive can open up a lot of possibilities. None of them is an "assassin's mace", but that's a lot of options offered on one platform.