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Stepping up the sales effort in the Middle East. A group of 20 ambassadors and diplomats from 17 Arab countries
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the offices of China National Aero-Technology Import & Export Corporation (CATIC), which serves as AVIC's international sales office.

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Get them hooked on the L-15 first and then go to big stuff like FC-31.


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AVIC has set up a Collaborative Innovation Center for Future Airborne Weapon Systems (航空工业未来机载武器技术协同创新中心). Not sure what this entails specifically, but I believe this will encompass new munitions, maybe laser weapons, and other advanced destructive (and non-destructive) payloads.

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A brochure from CETC on a mobile laser communications system.

Mobile wireless laser communication solution

The mobile wireless laser communication solution is a large-capacity, anti-jamming, safe and confidential, long-distance communication system that uses aircraft, vehicles, and ships as platforms, lasers as information carriers, and the atmosphere as a transmission medium. In a complex environment, the system can realize fast and fully automatic alignment, scanning, capture and link establishment, and realize point-to-point communication between mobile platforms or between mobile platforms and fixed platforms. The device can greatly improve the security, mobility, stealth, and self-protection between communication nodes, and at the same time integrates communication with other means of wireless communication, which can effectively improve the reliability of existing wireless communication systems.



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RODMND reports only 1 aircraft in ADIZ, helicopter from a ship on the east side presumably.
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Perhaps the big activities were in SCS?
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Should be related to this?