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FYI different news.
China has sent EW plane to Taiwan. Duh
If China keep sending EW there continuously, something bound to happen down the line. That's beyond just some fantasy thought.
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Yes exactly ... you take the most unlikely and fantastic theory, claim it with some chest-bumping and then you feel offended for being turned down.

Honestly, I know some don't want to hear it since they think they are very clever, smart or whatever but we are indeed not a fan-boy forum and at least as long as I'm a moderator of SDF such BS won't be accepted.

If you don't like this, then go and look for another forum.
When did I said I fully believed in that guy video?


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EM bomb or missile , whatever
What's wrong with some one post a hypothesis of what happen yet you have no gut to post your hypothesis afraid of people will take shots at you. Boo.
Anyway, the main thing to take away from that video is taiwan president stuttering horribly at press conference. That guy recorded in his video. I had a good laugh when I heard her speech.
Did you watch and listen to that portion?
It seems like you do indeed have a duplicate IP.

I was going to give you a warning ban anyway because what you've been posting and arguing for is absolutely ludicrous and is actively detrimental to our quality of discussion here, but because of that I'm going to make it permanent.

If you really are Tidalwave again -- and frankly based on the way these two accounts write I won't be surprised if you are -- I implore you to just take it on the chin and don't come back. It'll be easier on your mental health and easier on ours as well.