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"The full name of this model in the FL-62 wind tunnel is called "Small aspect ratio flying wing standard model". This model seems to be fired once a year, so it is better to introduce it
The standard model is like a reference object. It is a commonly used research model in the aerodynamic field. Carrying out wind tunnel tests and CFD calculations on this common standard model and comparing the results with the published standard model aerodynamic data can verify your own Whether the wind tunnel and the CFD program have reached sufficient measurements ..."


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The whole hardened shelter thing doesn't make much sense if it can't defeat at least one of three weapon types:
SDB (which is usually credited with penetrating 1 meter of reinforced concrete under 1 meter of soil/earth)
Tomahawk CM

Did not find any penetration data for those missiles but there was a Raytheon text from 2008 - they tested a tandem warhead (Tomahawk block V will use a tandem warhead) with a precursor portion of warhead being 24 inches in diameter. And the precursor burned through 19.5 feet of reinforced concrete with compression strength of 12600 lb/in2, which is a lot.

Probably similar tech is used in tomahawk warhead, though that warhead is smaller, at 18 inches in diameter. block V remanufacture will commence shortly but it may be a few years until entire tomahawk arsenal is remanufactured.

JASSM warheads, however, are of similar dimension and they already possess a similar tech pentrating warhead.
So JASSM today may already be able to penetrate 3-5 meters of reinforced concrete, and tomahawks may be expected to perform similarly within several years from today.