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emmm, let's see...large screen (looks bigger than the J-20 setup in pic 1), no HUD setup, and windows XP... are we expecting a F-35 style helmet for J-20A or J-35?
In simulators it is possible that they did not install a frame and glass but have HUD data overlay on the front screen instead. It doesn't necessarily mean the simulated cockpit is HUD-less.


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Nice picture Deino, but in future can I request that in addition to links to tweets that we all post the original picture on SDF as an attachment?
That way, if for some reason a tweet is deleted or if Twitter goes down one day, we can still retain those same pictures on SDF.

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I will do!

I wonder what radar, if any, the Tu-204C is testing now.
However the question remains if this new image is indeed a recent one ... at first sight I seen no major differences.
But otherwise You are correct, I somewhere read it is testing the J-35's radar ... but if this is credible, I don't know.

Tu-204C 2x.jpg
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