PLA Taiwan strait joint exercise/ Military parade.

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I have two large clips of military exercise conducted by all three branches of our armed forces. One is the famous large Taiwan strait exercise and the other one is the complete edition of the PLA 1999 national day parade. If anyone is interested i will post them for download (Although I dont know where ) Any help will be nice.


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You mean pictures or videos?

We always welcome good picture long as they focus on the dedicated forum (e.q no naval photos in airwar section and so onwards)

more info on picture posting is at the annouchment section.

PS: for now on all questions regarding the comon ways of posting or rules should be made on the dedicated feedback forum. I will move this topic to there....


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I have two large clips
so i think they're videos, which would be really great, because i always want a complete video of the 1999 parade.