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Wow, with all that new equipment the PLA ground trooper is starting to look professional now. It only slightly made up for making me that atrocity of a tank(the type 99) though ;)

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PLA conducts live fire military exercises near Myanmar border

People's Daily Online said:
Troops from Chengdu Military Region started a land and air live-fire drill on Tuesday along a part of the border with Myanmar. The real combat-like drill aims at safeguarding China's border security and aviation security and protecting people's lives and property.

Troops started an air-ground live-fire drill in southwest China's Yunnan Province, close to the border with Myanmar on Tuesday.

On the morning of the first day’s drill, the army made a precise aerial attack. The air attack is very important in the mountainous jungle areas as it’s hard for the vehicles and soldiers to reach.

Zhi-9 (Z-9) utility helicopters also took part in the drill. These helicopters were equipped with special cameras, by which the soldiers could see the attack of rocket projectiles.

In the afternoon, the detective radar used only 8 seconds to identify the enemy position before the army launched an accurate attack with howitzers against the enemy.

Aviation, artillery, air defense, infantry, missile and radar units all participated in the drill. Local departments of the Communist Party of China and the government, national defense mobilization agencies and militia were also involved.

The exercise aims at testing military maneuvers, reconnaissance, strike power, mobilization and militia reserve support, said Tang Jibing, senior colonel with the PLA Chengdu Military Area Command.

"Holding drills is an effective way to enhance joint operations capabilities and it is necessary in safeguarding frontier and air defense and protecting people's lives and property," Tang said.

The exercise will be conducted in accordance with training plans, with exercise areas and attack targets randomly selected, he added.

The PLA said Chinese authorities have informed Myanmar of the drill, and an end date will be announced later.

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China and India interested in buying Russia’s new tanks Armata - media

The new weapons demonstrated at the parade would be first supplied to the Russian army and only in perspective would be sold to foreign states, president’s aide said

MOSCOW, June 4. /TASS/. India, China and Southeast Asia countries have shown interests to new Russian armoured vehicles demonstrated during the Victory Parade on May 9, Russian president’s aide for military technical cooperation Vladimir Kozhin said in an interview with the Izvestia daily published on Thursday.

According to Kozhin, Russia’s traditional partners are interested in buying infantry combat vehicles and Armata tanks. "Interest has been demonstrated. The weapons are new and expensive. For the most part, by our traditional partners: India, China and Southeast Asia," he said.

He said that the new weapons demonstrated at the parade would be first supplied to the Russian army and only in perspective would be sold to foreign states. So far, Russia is selling weapons under current orders.

In a military parade on Moscow’s Red Square on May 9, the Russian military displayed a variety of armored cars, including the Tiger and the Typhoon vehicles, and newest means of transportation for the Airborne Troops, infantry combat vehicles BMD-4M.

The tank section of the march-past featured the T90A tanks and a new arrival in the field, the Armata tank that has an entirely new multirole platform, which the manufacturer, the world-famous Uralvagonzavod corporation plans to use for a long range of other army vehicles.

The newspaper cites experts as saying that it would be possible to speak about commercial lots only in a span of three years.

Back to bottling my Grenache


Interesting, wonder if other armies take feedback from their troops on the lunch menu?

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China’s military has encountered another problem as it attempts to weed out corruption and modernise it fighting forces – its soldiers don’t like their food.

A report in the PLA Daily newspaper has revealed that most troops dislike the ration packs they are given during military exercises and drills and bring along their own grub instead.

A survey was carried out among troops of one the PLA’s ration packs containing beef and vegetables and “58 per cent of the soldiers found a strong need to improve its taste, which is not only boring but also affects their appetite”, the report said.

It also gave the example of a soldier, Xu Dongdong, who took part in a Guangzhou military area command drill, but had prepared his own bread and pork sausages so he did not have to eat his official rations.

“It is nothing unusual for soldiers like Xu to bring their own handy food to field training or military drills,” the report said.

Xu was quoted as saying that troops often prepare their own snacks for training exercises.

“We all come from different places, either in the north or the south and food served at our posts has different flavours, but ration packs tend to be tasteless,” he said.

PLA rations packs often contain high energy foods, such self-heated instant rice or noodles and luncheon meat.

A leader of one military exercise was quoted as saying, however, that the PLA should make no effort to cater to the taste buds of its troops.

They “must train themselves to adapt to such kinds of food”, he said.

But Yu Jifu, an assistant officer at the Guangzhou command’s supply department, said there was a need to prepare ration packs with different flavours and foods for various types of military mission.

For example, on missions in desert areas, dried food ration packs would only make the solders thirstier, he said.

More importantly, said Yu, the authorities must research and develop rations that soldiers actually want to eat.

Chinese ration packs pale in comparison with the food on offer to troops elsewhere in the world.

US army packs can includes almond cake, cranberries, spiced apple cider and peanut butter and crackers.

British troops can enjoy chicken tikka masala and vegetarian pasta, while Canadians have the choice of salmon fillet with Tuscan sauce or vegetarian couscous for their mail meal.


Interesting, wonder if other armies take feedback from their troops on the lunch menu?

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If I could decide, I would plan the whole nation's diet, not just the PLA. Grow low GI rice incorporating genes from basmati or just grow basmatic, chicken rather than pork, farm high omega-3 fish and move away from carps and groupers, cut down the sugar in stir-fries by 2/3, more broccoli in addition to their already high amount of cabbage. Above all, incorporate turmeric and cumin. The merits of the Chinese are in the high amount of vegetables and tea habit, but let down by lack of the aforementioned healthful spices.


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Interesting, wonder if other armies take feedback from their troops on the lunch menu?

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Does any military's soldiers like their rations though?

Many current/recent PLA rations seem to have a variety of flavours as well (there's a youtube channel that sampled the family of PLA's MREs), so it's not like they're only given rice and pickled bok choi as choices. Whether those choices are actually tasty or live up to their name is another matter entirely.