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I fully agree they are different. However, the first four markers (two alphabets and two numerals) are same. Please see below for same vehicle

Fully agree. However, the pattern for five and six numerals for two alphabets and first two numerals seems same across theatre commands.

I'm well aware that hull numbers may overlap with license plate numbers. This is irrelevant to our discussion. Not sure why you keep bringing it up.

Fully agree. However, the pattern for five and six numerals for two alphabets and first two numerals seems same across theatre commands. LN45513 for LN45 Brigade in 75th Group Army in Southern Theatre Command. LD45562 for LD45 Brigade in 72nd Group Army in Eastern Theater Command.

Facepalm. We've gone through this before, and I'm amazed by your ability to ignore any prior discussion that doesn't fit your narrative. Even though it's quite tiresome to have to hold your hand every step of the way and explain absolutely everything to you over and over and over again, let's try this yet again. Please follow the special instructions below.

Special Instruction: Please read the text inside the red box. Don't ignore it; read the text highlighted in the red box contained in the image below.


Special Instruction: Did you read the text in the red box contained in the image above? If yes, then continue reading. If no, please go back and read the text in the red box. It's important that you read it, understand it, and remember it.

Now, answer this question: how do you know the license plate (LJ85712) contained in the image below was issued after the military reform of 2016 that re-organized the military regions into theater commands?


However, i will just request you to stop your humiliation attempts always and every time. Neither I am a liar nor do I gain anything here by lying as you had asked me not to lie. Please be cool in professional discussions.

Request denied. You have a history of making claims and refusing to back them up with evidence and logic when questioned. Instead of asking me to stop questioning you, you should consider adopting more rigorous standards for information dissemination.
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A PLA medical team arrives in Cambodia for the "Peace Angel 2023" joint medical exercise with the Royal Cambodian Army. The medical team will also be providing free medical services for local Cambodians.



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More images from Sino-Singapore joint training exercise "Cooperation 2023".


This is so great to see, China establishing firm relations with its South East Asia brothers and sisters, hopefully contributing towards a strong united Asia similar to that of Western European powers. And with such an alliance not only in forces but culture and blood all nations of the South East Asia zone will prosper and become bountiful paradises as they rightfully should be, China is realizing that dream, a dream of all people's prospering.

Economics and Trade is what will propel humanity into China's golden age.