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Curious on how they avoid bumping into each other and perhaps causing injury?
Look at the white dots all over their body and weapons. Those sensors provide special positioning information that controls the scenes in their headsets, they are also used to put other people in the each one's scenes. So they do "see" each other.


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Just some rumors and unconfirmed pics spreading on Weibo right now, military vehicles (including zbd-05 amphibious IFV, HQ9 and even Y20) transporting form Hangzhou to south.


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Almost certainly just exercises.

If this was the real thing, you will not see such information so casually revealed on the Chinese internet.

It would be far more concerning if all mention of military matters suddenly ceased on Chinese discussion boards, as that would be a sign of significant news blackout efforts being employed. Which would not be necessary unless something significant was underway.


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My friend in Xiamen said that in China, the government recommended civilians to stock up on food just today. I don't know how reliable that is but the timing with all this troop movement in the same province is spooky.

Anyone else in China get a similar message?