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The truth from the horse's mouth.

Last few days they wanted to spin a narrative of PLA invading Tawang and the "hero" IA "thwarting" the attack and capturing PLA but as soon as they started they denied it because Chinese side noticed and probably told the coward Jai Hinds if they want to do this propaganda spinning nonsense, China will release just a bit more humiliating for Indian details.

Indian gov quickly denying any standoff.

India is so bloody pathetic.

Has there been a nation this pathetic and malevolent while presenting itself as some holier than thou entity?
This is why China hasn't released all the photos and details of Galwan Valley. Every time they release an image, their humiliation at Galwan Valley is placed back in the spotlight. The Indian government's fear of taking responsibility of the of defeat will be their undoing. This is long term planning. This is why China wins.


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Back on topic please. No more discussion about this particular event that is in the past, and definitely no links or posts to any other forums.
I've deleted a number of posts, any more posts on the topic from here on out will receive formal warnings.


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I have a guess as to where he's from, but not sure if I wanna post about it on a US hosted forum lol
No problem. Regardless, it is interesting that they are trying out multi cam. I believe the only times we saw that camo were during the parade in 2017(?) and the pre 2019 parade trials in which camos that look similar to multi cam were being tested by PLA personal.
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Not American and not Chinese so I'm lost... is this inside or outside China?:confused:
And where is the PLA allowed to operate outside of China? You can't be serious asking this question and am quite certain you're not that ill informed when it comes to the operational theatre of where the PLA can operate.