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New mobile field kitchen based on the new medium off-road truck.

Here's the new mobile field kitchen mounted on the 6x6 version of the new medium off-road truck.



I have to admit, I'm fascinated by mobile field kitchens. It's mundane systems such as this that make as much impact on winning battles as fancy big-ticket platforms that hog all the limelight. Freshly prepared meals are the killer app of boosting the morale of troops being deployed far from home.



PLA pays so much attention to logistic And food because of the previous suffered a lot of losses. I'm wondering if there are similar mobile kitchen vehicles in other countries, I know some countries are trailers.
I believe this is what a professional military should do and has been doing since the beginning of warfare. Since ancient times, more battles have been won by successfully cutting off and/or destroy opponents' food supply.

Food is also a huge huge morale booster. When all else is hell, a hot (even better if delicious) meal can help so much.