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Xinhua reporter Zichen Wang writes that mechanization is basically accomplished and that the next step is intelligentization (智能化).

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Specifically, a
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declared that the PLA has basically accomplished mechanization (通过长期努力,我军已经基本实现机械化).

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states that the PLA should accelerate the integrated development of mechanization, informatization, and intelligentization (加快机械化信息化智能化融合发展).

Zichen speculates that intelligentization involves UAV's, UGV's, and UUV's - with particular emphasis paid to the Armenia-Azerbaijan war.

Based on these top-level documents, intelligentization is going to be important. What are the thoughts of people here on what "intelligentization" specifically involves?
Roughly, mechanization, informatization, and intelligentization are the 3 levels of a pyramid to build towards a modern(future?) army.

Mechanization refers to the transformation of a people's army of low skill foot soldiers into one based around vehicles and aircraft with speed and firepower.

Informatization is the next stage of converting a large force of vehicles and aircraft into a networked system, which can share data within the network to plan precision strikes and coordinated offensives.

Intelligentization is the topmost stage, which involves using AI and other computational technologies to take the vast amount of data generated by a informationalized force and use it to more quickly generate relevant data to allow generals to make decisions (or maybe even AI direct decisions in the future?).

Depending on who you ask, intelligentization also includes a whole bunch of related topics such as unmanned systems, cyberwarfare and human augmentation.


The new medium off-road trucks off-loading cargo modules.



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There are interior shots of the ZBL-08 APC version and I think Dongfeng Mengshi CSK181. Also plenty of close up for PLA small arms and AT rocket used by PLA High mobility brigade.