PLA New Assault Rifle family


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I have a feeling they will have to come up with an alternate hand guard especially if they try and use a grenade launcher. Polymer just isn’t strong enough to mount and take the recoil of a 40or 35mm launcher


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Existing in county have a grace period. I saw some of the list and it was rather stupid. They listed bans on weapons like AT4 and Stinger missiles which are illegal for civilians in any country that can be called such.
There is some 'buy back' program the government is supposed to setup, at some unknown pricepoint. Hard to plan a business like that. And yea the list of prohibited firearms was always stupid and arbitrary. Certain models were banned, others weren't, even though they fired the exact same bullet at the same velocity.


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Hmm but the One from the SIno-Scar might be a good road map. The CS/LR17 and this rifle are both conventional configuration and likely have some common design aspects. If the Grenade launcher for that works than the basic mechanics should be scalable. It’s just a question of getting it to mate and operate.


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new pic posted by someone on Instagram...
Just want to post a short update after a bit of searching:
Not a lot of info on these pics yet, some claim they are toys and not the real deal. Maybe they are training models? (notice the mismatching color of the stocks, pistol grips and orientation on the fire selector switch compared to the pic below. Not sure if these are the real deal)

The poster of the image seems to be a Chinese-American.
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I mean they sure look cool but I doubt the legitimacy of these pictures. So take this pic with a grain of salt.


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He posted that add on as I was writing. I haven’t seen any adverts for a QBZ 191 airsoft rifle yet. Given the relatively new status of the weapon and lack of solid details it’s probably costom which is why I would favor model. Probably a 3 D printed shell with the guts of a off the shelf AEG. Fitted with airsoft replica accessories.