PLA New Assault Rifle family


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The build quality on the optic looks significantly lower than that of the rifle judging from the high-resolution images posted above.


The designated marksman variant is apparently called QBU-191, which is mentioned in a product requirement for a night/low-light digital scope. A summary of the document below: the scope is to be compatible with both the 95-family of rifles and the new QBU-191 DMR; capable of targeting 300 meters down range at night; capable of video output in PAL format; can be used with gas masks etc.



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Been digging around further on the sina web. Pixelated pic of what can be the DMR QBU 191 or a SAW (?QBB191?). As well as the rifle with a longer barrel, maybe the standard length service rifle, but handguard still feels short leaving lots of exposed barrel.

Note that the proported DMR/SAW image at the bottom has a substantially longer handguard, enough to cover most of the barrel of the standard length variants.
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