PLA Anti-Air Missile (SAM) systems


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One more... Specs and designation unknown. Looks like a short-to-medium SAM.



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That Sino Pantsir is also giving me an Osa vibe, with its platform being suited to travel alongside an armored frontline vehicle formation. I guess in a sense then it's more of a cheaper alternative to HQ-17?

On another subject, the image above is completely new to me. The radar size and missile container size, though, remind me of Sky Dragon 50. What if this is another iteration of that system? With a new radar variant and a larger launch vehicle, now capable of handing 6 missiles?


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Very nice CGI.

Any clue when/if this makes to a real world system?

CGI or not, I don't think the PLA would be interested in something like this. There are so many choices and options for the PLA throughout the years and they can't logistically support so many platforms of SAMs. Even for short range and point defence there are several available options and they already have HQ-7A and HQ-17A now. For shorter ranges, they have FN-6 and FN-16 either manpad or vehicle mounted.

Something like this is just a bit unnecessary unless it's capable of intercepting various ordinance as it moves quickly with armour divisions. However there is already the HQ-7A and the HQ-17A that move with armoured divisions and infantry. Oh and of course those FN-6 and FN-16 that are vehicle mounted.

I mean those PL-12 based SAMs have existed for a while and have yet to be selected by any PLA branch. They're all very capable and at least those DK-10 SAMs do cover a range niche between HQ-17 and HQ-22. The HQ-16 can be cheaper and more numerous to the DK-10's higher capability.


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Definitely not a CGI. It looks too real to be one. It's from a video if I'm not mistaken.
I found the video:

Those closeups still look like CGI to me. On the other hand, the missile launch looks quite realistic. There are some antennas swaying after the launch that were not visible in the closeup shots.

It appears the vehicle has to stop before the search radar can be used?
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I have some experience with CGI renderers, so I can tell one when I see it.

Oh, and btw I reported you to the moderators. This isn't the first time you disparage other forum members with such disgusting language.

You mistook the image as CGI despite your experience with CGI renderers, and you question my advice? Seriously, have your eyes examined by an ophthalmologist for macular degeneration. You might just thank me later.

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