Palestinian Election Results


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With most of the election results now in, the winner of the Palestinian Elections is........HAMAS!!!

I think congratulations are in order to everyone.

Firstly to the Palestinian and Isreali peoples, who now have the prospect of being represented by governments that really understand each other.

Secondly to the USA for finally seeing their long campaign to establish real democracy in the Middle East bear first fruit.

Yes remember, without the ceaseless efforts of Uncle Sam, none of this would probably have happened.


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Hamas? That group is labeled as terrorists by the Canadian government. Now obviously, they are not going to be too warm to Canadians now. I've heard they've done some good things though, like charities and schools.


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The Hamas victory is a good example to everyone how the grassroots level work is the key for real democracy. Fatah at the opposite is good example how power corrupts once so glorious movemt like the PLO.

The groundbase wrok that Hamas have done in social fields to improve the everyday life of palestinians shows how well the simplyest things can make a difference. Deep in heart every palestinian wants jobs, security, education changes for their kids, food, healthcare...hell aint we all? And this is the main issue were Israel has gone wrong. Providing elements of normal everyday life and equality and same freedom to palestinians would end the terror and solve the proplem once and for all. The "terrorism" comes for the frustration of lack of these elements, the own state (which however the palestinians have equal right also, as does every other nation in the whole world) is more of justification for the actions.

But lets look this thread form another perspective. It's very politically charged and one of the best gunpowder to ignite the forum for flaming country bashing battleground. But I've whitness some great improvment in that field, example like the Iran discussion, it never was carryed away too much...I have great confidence for all of you so that this thread could be kept as civilized as the others. I think we all are slowly getting mature enough, am i right?

...but let me still warn you, breaking my trust is a serious thing, don't let me down, becouse if you will....the consequences will be dramatical....


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Hamas won? Whoa.... And Fatah was leading by 7% at first.

I don't really know the groups there well. But I've never heard news of Hamas other than suicide bombings..........

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GWB must be kicking himself really hard right now. How did American style democracy place a well known terrorist group into power? Wait a sec! If the American government doesn't recognize Hamas as the legitiment government of Palestine, that means the US will slap free election in the face and refute the claim that democracy is the best form of government.

This is a fine example that shows that some parts of the world are just not ready for democracy.


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In addition to your comment, the reason for US not dealing with Hamas, as claimed by BUSH, is becasue Hamas is an organization that rules by terror and violence. Strange claim for someone who turning million of people's life up side down all over the world.