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They are still buying a ton of robots and machines from Japan and Taiwan, instead of buying them locally?

Japan and Taiwan supply the world's industries with some of the most advanced machine tools that money can buy. For Japan, particularly for car manufacturing machinery. Chinese equivalents that apply in the car industry probably are not as competitive as Japanese ones yet. They probably are not even that much more affordable anyway.

The engineers in these manufacturers are already used to and know the established machine tools. It would be like asking someone to switch from Excel to another platform that is nearly as capable (but not) and also unfamiliar and not much more in terms of cost savings.

China's machine tools have made much progress but we should remember that Chinese car manufacturing has gone ballistic in the last twenty years. An increase in purchases is expected since production of cars have gone up so much. I doubt they are not buying machinery locally. I would expect the vast majority of machinery to be Chinese by now and the rate of this increasing over time. To make the statement you made, we need to look at the trends of sourcing from Japan AND the trends of sourcing from China. You would see sourcing from China steadily climbing while sourcing from Japan remaining relatively stable but a slight decline over time. This doesn't take anything away from the fact that Japanese machine tools are exceptional and well respected by engineers in those fields. They are the creme de la creme along with German and Swiss machine tools.


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That's what I was about to say. For the selected few who are competent enough to serve their country, it is actually glorious die on one's job post (although this is still discouraged during peace time), as demonstrated by countless medical staffs in Wuhan during the outbreak. Thus, staying up until 2AM to finish a research project is nothing compared those who worked themselves to death during emergencies. For Chinese citizens who truly believe in the CCP's ideology, it would be sweet (if not a privilege) for them to be martyrs. As the last sentence of the CCP oath states, "be ready at all times to sacrifice my all for the Party and the people."
No need to overwork yourself to the grave since you wont be useful when dead .


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They are still buying a ton of robots and machines from Japan and Taiwan, instead of buying them locally?
The demand is too high for local suppliers to fulfill. Chinese robotic manufacturers are expanding like crazy but the demand is also expanding like crazy

All in all, a good problem to have

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This year, China's robot industry is expected to see growth of more than 30 percent, said Hao Yucheng, deputy director of the China Robot Industry Alliance. In economics, industry and society, China has a huge market. Thus, the capital market remains positive on the domestic robot sector


I know SCMP is owned by Jack Ma, who is connected to Jiang Zemin and the Shanghai Gang. Why is SCMP allowed to report negative stuffs about China while other news organizations owned by Chinese companies and businesses aren't?
SCMP was anti-China before Jack Ma bought the newspaper. Its main audience is westerners in Hong Kong. Most Hong Kong media companies are anti-China to some extent.


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@Tyler Sour grape, when you're in a competition everything goes. Its a supreme sacrifice and only a chosen few are selected to serve the motherland. So this crap article show why they are being beaten and are crying foul.

It's actually a serious concern. Rumor has it that the explosion that occurred at NUAA in October happened because the student was too tired from working all weekend.


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Plenty of Asians try to come across as unbiased to the West by saying critically negative things about "their own". Look at the LA Times which is owned by someone Chinese and it has become more negative on anything China. That's because the owner lets the editorial staff be anti-China so the LA Times doesn't come off looking like a pro-China rag because a Chinese guy owns it. Notice all so-called Chinese artists have to be anti-China to be an artist? The only Chinese movies that have the potential of being nominated for an Academy Award are the ones critical of China. All these Chinese celebrities that the West could care less about all of sudden get notoriety in the West when they get in trouble by the government. Without any anti-China personae, they're nothing. I don't live in Great Britain but anyone who does, are any of the Hong Kong trouble makers getting attention there or have they been used and thrown away?