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I've considering a Macbook Pro too since I have numerous iPhones (most hand-me-downs from family members) but I'm kind of worried about it breaking since the M1 Macbooks have had issues with their screens cracking from normal use. This is kind of a big deal because other Apple products like
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along with the fact that they've instructed their suppliers not to sell to unauthorized third parties (i.e. independent repair shops). This means that any minor issue that could be repaired for like $50-80 out of pocket could cost like $200-300 depending on what Apple wants to charge you or force everyone to get Applecare for everything.
You make a good point, if I'm not mistaken here in the EU even Apple has to provide 2 years of support. I usually replace a laptop or a phone after 3 years.

But I'm not planning on pre-ordering the m1x MacBook pro I'll wait for the reviews and the cost of replacing that mini led screen, before buying it.

I might also go with the 2022 matebook x pro again if the new Intels cpu/soc don't dissapoint if I'm not mistaken they are now on equal tsmc node as Apple. It should be interesting if it's really Apple engineer magic or just exclusive access the highest end tsmc node in the desktop computing space.


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Apple has always been a niche product.

The world does not revolve around a niche product.

The Macintosh use to have only 8% of the PC market, and I really do not know if they still do.

Remarkably, after the cell phone industry in China became more settled and everyone craved out their market share, there was the iPhone at 8% of the market. I have not looked lately, because there is no point to do so. When they never get more than around 8%, that is the ceiling for Apple products.

The iPhone may have a bigger market share in America, but the cell phone is a global commodity, at that probably makes the iPhone at 8% or less world wide.

No one is going build a factory like this in Qingdao for that 8%. Someone actually said that in America back in the day. Some reporter asked some boss of a big company, why don't you try to do more business with Apple. The boss replied, "If I want 8% of the market, then I would do it."

The more things change, the more things stay the same. 8%. Apple.

BOE displays are not limited to Apple products. All mobile displays are in standardized formats (4.3 inch, 5 inch, 6 inch, etc) with a standard display serial interface.


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Huawei is being ran better. They should reflect on their mistakes and look why Huawei is doing great while ZTE is under US supervision.
ZTE is under US supervision because they had "dealings" with Iran. The US fined them and put them under supervision. In Huawei's case, the US used a different strategy. Instead of imposing fines on Huawei, they captured the CFO. Both had alleged "dealings" with Iran. Both Huawei and ZTE are leaders in 5G technology, way better than most foreign competitors.


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A team from Nanchang University won an international college students' innovation and entrepreneurship competition on Friday night.

The finals of the seventh China International College Students' Internet Plus Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition was held at Nanchang University in Jiangxi province.

The team focused on industrial use of phosphor-free light emitting chip on silicon substrate. The team scored 1,380 points out of a possible 1,500.

A team from Beihang University was the runner-up with 1,350 points. And four teams, namely, Stanford University, Zhejiang University, Oxford University, and Columbia University won third place.

The competition, held annually since 2015, saw 9.56 million students from 121 countries and regions signing up this year, the Ministry of Education said.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, teams from the Chinese mainland attended the national final in Jiangxi, while international teams and those from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan participated via video link.

The finals for the eighth competition will be held at Chongqing University next year.