New members introduce yourselves!!


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Hi everyone. Registered for a while, but more listening than talking. I am native Chinese, shipbuilding engineer living in Shanghai. As a mechanical monster lover I naturally be interested in weapons, and used to view military news in chinese forum and weiboer, but in past months as long as the goverment enhanced military news control, lots of forum were hided or closed, and many military weiboer were told not to talk about military personally, unless the news were offical released. Then I found this forum by google.
Glad to see that people in this forum is very professional and almost every post of topics is on the point, not like some popular forums full of meaningless and illiberal squabble.
It's also a good chance to get neutral view of things relevant to China here. Too much biasing in major media, both Chinese and western.

Nice to see you


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More of a reader than contributor, I left China when i was a toddler and have been detached from the motherland for most my life. However i have always been patriotic despite not knowing much about my country, i am here to learn more so I can better educate myself and other people who have a deep misunderstanding of China. Although my degree is not STEM or technology, i really want to learn about how China is progressing and how far they have come.


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Greetings all!

I'm from the UK. I'm kind of surprised there are even places on the English-speaking side of the net where there are proper debates regarding China without it all devolving into a China bashing spree. I've poked my head around and seen some good discussions already, so I think I'll stick around for a while. This also seems like a good place to get breaking news updates on Chinese development (in all fields) without the biased lenses of mass media.

You could say I'm a bit of a sinophile. I've toured China extensively (mostly sticking to the cities though) so I've got some first hand experiences of the Eastern world. These have helped me categorically reject Western mass media's recent depiction (or put more simply, demonisation) of China. I have a strong interest in Chinese culture and history, particularly its influence and relationships with other nations and civilisations.

My Mandarin is shaky and as such my relationship with China is more like an outsider peeking in, but I am interested in learning more. Hopefully, one day, I'll be able to fully understand China.

I'm not very versed in the specifics of advanced technology. My interest is more to do with observing and understanding the geopolitics at play in these trying times, and how it can be linked with society, culture and history. I hope to have fruitful discussions and meaningful debates!


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I've been lurking here for a while so I figured it's about time I introduce myself.

I'm Jon, I'm from Mexico, and I've been very interested in China for a while now, not only regarding its armed forces, but also issues related to economics, technology, space exploration, society, culture, etc. In fact, I'm writing my bachelor's thesis on the China - United States geopolitical conflict and its effects on globalisation.

I found this forum a few months ago and has since become one of my main sources about everything regarding China. I gotta say it's very refreshing to see there's a lot of information and discussions that stray from the Cold War, sinophobic content the Western propaganda machine bombards us with day in and out. And coming from a developing country myself, it's been very inspiring to see how a previously impoverished nation that endured the worst of imperialism has been able to rise, find its own path, and provide the Chinese population with an ever increasing standard of living. It gives me hope for the future and I sincerely hope China continues to thrive.

Looking forward to discuss with you all!