New Chinese Military (export) vehicles thread


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Y20 is easy since its now the PLA Globemaster, no since I was commenting on the Vehicle that reminds me of the Jackal it could probably fit slung under a Z20 or Z8 as well as inside a Y8 for tactical drop. The designers probably worked it up to fit 3 in a Y20.
Z-8 yes, Z-20...I doubt it.


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For the first picture. I wonder why they still use those type of buttons (or switch), on the bottom left of the wheel, for the vehicles. I know there are industrial grade buttons that last an eternity, and there are consumer grade buttons that looks exactly the same that are used in cheap quality goods. Now I am not bashing the quality of the vehicle, but wouldn't you think the marketing department would use button that "look" different from the cheap consumer grade ones, since the product is for export. For some reason the interior looks like those electric or small vehicles that are sold on Alibaba. (I am discussing the interior look and not the fighting capability of this vehicle. You would think for a multi-million dollar vehicle, they would put a little bit effort on the interior design to instill confidence on potential buyer that the product is no cheap Chinese good)

For the second picture, looks like a good inexpensive APC with firing port and cannon for fire support. The question that I have is, why not add grenade launcher like in the fourth picture and the ones the did for the BTR and BDRM upgrade.
I wonder for the vehicle on the fourth picture, is the vehicle design mainly for transport and not for fire support. The grenade launcher uses a drum instead of the long belt feed, which does not provide a lot of ammo.

Also for the fourth picture, the sticker on the vehicle's right window, why does it look like insurance sticker :p


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For #1
That's actually a pretty squared away interior for a fighting vehicle. Those buttons are more or less the norm. The aim is the price you cut corners on the unimportant stuff so you can load up on the really critical business.
Agreed, perfect for a low cash African nation or a Police force in a troubled nation.
Its probably optional. Since this is a trade show they want to show the biggest baddest they got. But if I came to making the order I bet they would start pulling out the order book with features.
I would guess that's because they are printed with the same machines. All the vehicle pictures we see of them arriving show bubble wrap, so its likely those are factory stickers indicating the type,maker and protection level. Lot number model number and inspection data for the vehicle.


I have seen this vehicle on and off for almost three years now. I believe this is the first time it's shown up at an expo. All images are 1600x1200.