New Chinese Military (export) vehicles thread


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Just a quick correction: according to this
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, China only has 18 territorial disputes; some of which aren't as nasty as the ones in SCS or in the East China Sea.

Your list is mostly made up by India. China doesn't have any disputes with Singapore, Laos, Cambodia, Nepal, Russia, Mongolia, NK and Tajikistan. Also a few facts are completely false.

I don't see China would have much problem selling military hardware to most countries except the US and its allies and Vietnam.


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Damn. I completely forgot to check the media behind the article. Thanks for the heads up.
The only major territorial dispute China has is that with India. All the maritime territorial disputes with Vietnam and the Philippines are far less important and detrimental to relations. The most that happens in the SCS is a fishing boat being sunk or some fishermen being harassed. These incidents extremely rarely involve the military of any party. On the contrary, the incidents between China and India always involve the militaries of both nations, with the Galwan incident basically being a small battle. As such, I see no reason why China cannot sell weapons to the nations with whom it has territorial disputes. In the SCS alone, China exports arms to Indonesia, Malaysia, and even the Philippines.


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I could be living under a rock, so please update me. Thank you in advance.

To be fair, Terran did say he may have rounded it up! Lol. Before I was teaching I was working as an accountant. I can tell you that's some rounding up. Not even I, who's been known to be creative with my accounting can be that creative. Lol


Re-posting a lost image of VT-4 taken at NORINCO's Armor Day.