Naval News Monthly Video Reports


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Naval News Monthly Reports are video round ups of the most read naval defense news articles we published in the past month.

We started producing them in February 2019...

Enjoy! (and don't hesitate to share your feedback)

Episode 7 - August 2019 just came out!

- Japan Officially Selects F-35B Fighter as STOVL Aircraft
and USMC to Fly First F-35B from Japan’s Izumo-class Aircraft Carriers

- ROK Navy to get Aircraft Carrier, Arsenal Ship as part of Ambitious 5-year defense plan

- BAE Systems Starts Construction on Royal Navy’s 2nd City-class Type 26 Frigate

- RAN Hobart-class Guided Missile Destroyer fires SM-2 missile in Australian waters for the first time

- Naval Group Achieves Breakthrough with its FC2G AIP System


Episode 6 - July 2019

- French Navy’s New Generation SSN ‘Suffren’ Launched by Naval Group

- JMU Launches ‘Haguro’ – Second Maya-class AEGIS Destroyer for the JMSDF

- OCEA Launched Largest Aluminum OPV in the World for Philippine Coast Guard

- U.S. Navy Releases RFP for Medium USV

- Italy’s Cavour aircraft carrier starts F-35B modification work

- RMN Tests Readiness, Capabilities with Multiple Anti-Ship Missile Firings :


All previous episode may be watched in that playlist:
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Our Episode 8 - September 2019 video is out!

0:15 - Damen launched Pakistan Navy’s second 2300 tons corvette

01:00 - French Navy Names 3 La Fayette-class Frigates Selected for Mid-Life Update

02:00 - Britain’s Second Aircraft Carrier HMS Prince of Wales Set Sail for Sea Trials

02:40 - Boeing MQ-25 Unmanned Aerial Refueler Completes First Test Flight

03:30 - China Launches 1st Type 075 LHD for PLAN




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We just published Episode 9 - October 2019 !

0:54 - USS Gabrielle Giffords LCS 10 Launches 1st Integrated RGM-184A Naval Strike Missile

1:47 - Successful first sea trials for Philippine Coast Guard OCEA OPV 270

2:18 - First British F-35B lands onboard HMS Queen Elizabeth

3:15 - Naval Group Starts Construction of Amiral Ronarc’h – French Navy’s 1st FDI Frigate

4:33 - USS Gerald R. Ford Returns to Sea Following Long Maintenance Period




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Episode 11 is out

00:15 - Royal Canadian Navy’s first Harry DeWolf-class AOPS Completes Builder’s Sea Trials

01:02 - Aircraft Carrier John F. Kennedy (CVN 79) Christened at Newport News Shipbuilding

01:47 - Dutch MoD Issues B-Letter for Walrus SSK Replacement: Naval Group, Saab & TKMS Shortlisted

02:40 - Video: Mexican Navy POLA-class ARM ‘Reformador’ Completes Acceptance Trials

03:35 - China’s 2nd Aircraft Carrier Type 002 ‘Shandong’ Commissioned with PLAN

04:32 - Japan takes first steps towards refurbishment of JMSDF destroyer Izumo

05:35 - Happy New Year



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Here is's first Monthly Recap of 2020!

This month, aircraft carriers are a prominent topic in our coverage. We also cover females in submarine service and the last FREMM launch in Italy.

00:17 - India's Naval LCA lands aboard & take off from aircraft carrier for the first time

01:00 - Aircraft carrier USS Gerald R. Ford conducts aircraft compatibility testing

02:04 - French Navy carrier strike group, aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle begin ‘Foch’ deployment

02:53 - Royal Netherlands Navy now admits female sailors for submarine service

03:48 - Fincantieri launched the Italian Navy’s tenth & final FREMM frigate

04:33 - British F-35B Lightning jets fly from HMS Queen Elizabeth in UK waters


Naval News Monthly Recap - February 2020

Here is's February Monthly Recap.
This month, naval aviation is a prominent topic in our coverage. We also cover a new ship launch in Japan and the delivery of Australa's final Hobart-class AWD.


00:15 - New Hibiki-class SURTASS / Ocean Surveillance Ship Launched for JMSDF

00:52 - Royal Air Force’s 1st Poseidon MRA Mk1 touched down in UK

01:41 - JMSDF P-1 MPA Testing Next Generation Anti-Ship Missile

02:42 - Announcing DEFEA 2020

03:20 - French Navy New Rafale M F3-R Conduct First Operational Missions

04:05 - Australia Accepts 3rd & Final Hobart-class Air Warfare Destroyer



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Naval News Monthly Recap - March 2020

Here is's March Monthly Recap.
We cover dual carrier ops, the ship to shore connector, ESSM firing, Indonesia's latest frigate and Coronavirus/Covid-19 response.


00:16 - U.S Navy & French Navies Conduct Dual-Carrier Ops

01:19 - Textron Systems Delivers First Ship to Shore Connector to U.S. Navy

02:42 - Australian Frigate HMAS Arunta Fires First ESSM Following Upgrade

03:42 - Damen completes combat systems installation & trials on TNI AL’s 2nd PKR Frigate

04:24 - French Navy & U.S. Navy response to Coronavirus/Covid-19



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Naval News Monthly Recap - April 2020

Here is Naval News' April Monthly Recap. This month, we cover joint Army/Navy operations, a new ASW sonar for USV, China launching its 2nd LHD, European Navies responding to Covid-19 in the Caribbean and USS Zumwalt delivery to the U.S. Navy.


00:16 - U.S. Navy ESB & U.S. Army AH-64E Apache Conduct Integration Operations in Arabian Gulf

01:28 - Elbit Systems Integrates Active Towed Array Sonar onboard its Seagull USV

02:00 - China Launches 2nd Type 075 LHD for the PLAN

03:02 - French, British and Dutch armed forces are deploying military assets in the Caribbean

04:29 - USS Zumwalt DDG 1000 Delivered to U.S. Navy After Combat System Activation