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A historic moment. Once near-earth spaceflight is fully commercialized, NASA can dedicate its entire budget and efforts to outer space exploration, e.g. the Moon, Mars & beyond.
Virgin Galactic is a sub orbital flight. This means it’s basically back to Allen Shepherd/ Yuri Gagarin. The only practical application here is really “cherry busting”fresh Astronaut cadets. It’s basically the most expensive Roller coaster ride on the planet.
The really impressive bit is to come. That’s not without Commercial but reliant on it.


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Chinese and U.S. Summit.

U.S.: Look how great we are we made a drone fly in Mars.

China: Thats great and all so why not cooperate with us.

Russia: Hold my Vodka.

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Russian scientists have proposed sending a helicopter to Venus.

Scientists of The Moscow Aviation Institute offers to send an unmanned helicopter to Venus to research its surface and volcanoes.

In the spring, the Korolyov's Cosmonautics Readings opened in Moscow. The day before, a collection of abstracts based on the results of the readings was published.

"As a result of the development of aviation technologies, unmanned aerial vehicles are becoming more widely used. Currently, their application is being considered as part of the lander of interplanetary stations for research missions on the surface and inside the calderas of Venus ' volcanoes," one of the theses says.

The helicopter will have the shape of a sphere, the materials say.

Researchers note that the main problem in the development of Venus is the high temperature (467°C). In this regard, in the helicopter, the outer titanium layer with a diameter of 700 mm will have a wall thickness of 2.5 mm and is covered with screen-vacuum insulation-a material that is used for a large temperature difference between the insulated system and the environment.

In addition, it is planned to use aerogel, which has the lowest thermal conductivity.