Monkeypox Outbreak 2022 Thread


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Maybe the wind is finally changing? So the global west perchance gets a real taste of dying en masse.

Speaking of shithole countries, all the poxscars would make the british much more akin to their behaviour and government style.

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Btw, first confimed case in germany, so indeed not only transmissible by fucking.


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A lot of cases seem to have come from the Canary Islands. So that seems to have been one of the initial points if not the starting point for the whole infestation in Europe. These are Spanish controlled islands off the coast of Africa. Lots of tourists including from the UK.
Either that or a Westerner ate some monkey soup


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Ironically, people will be more careful of this virus because the symptoms are quite visible ( and disgusting imo..)

Whereas covid is "invisible", in monkeypox:
Monkey brains see visible disgusting symptoms -> monkey people take the virus seriously

Just another proof that in the end, even with all our "intelligence", we are still monkeys


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If Monkeypox is infectious enough, the world has a big problem with the exception of China.
It is hard to say since the US had a Monkeypox outbreak in 2003 and successfully contained it. In my opinion, the most important question is: did the virus mutate enough to become relatively quicker at transmission than before?