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I would like to delve into the area of countries that use modern Praetorian Guards type units to protect its leadership and holds on power while giving a counter balance to the nations military or helping that nations military in some cases IE Chad and its republican guard.

First and certainly the most power is that of Russia. The forces are somewhat divided into different competing agencies in some cases but are some of the best troops in Russia.

1. The Interior troops- 170,000 troops
10+ MBT 1,650+BMP-1/2 and BTR,70+ SP/towed arty, 4-10 Hi-24 hind helo (note: much heavy equipment was to be phased out but that has stopped due to operations in southern Russia)
They are Org into 5 special purpose div(ODON)6 anti riot Div, 65 reg/bat incl special motorised units, 10 elite indep bde(OBRON) which have conventional attack ability and SF ability.

2. Federal Border Guard Service: 160,000 troops. this is a border guard with serious bite with conventional warfare ability. Nothing like the U.S border patrol
1,000+ BMP/BTR, 100+sp arty, 200 attack and transport helo
They operate 7 bde size assault units which display a high degree of professionalism(much heavy equip was to also be phased out but the 7 assault bde directly subordinate to Putin wanted to keep said equipment.) please understand the 7 assault groups reported give Putin far eastern ability to take care of problems

3. Federal Security Service: this is the best unit in Russia hands down. 4,000 troops made up of the famous Alfa, Beta and Zenit commando groups. many based in Moscow and could decapitate the leadership of a rouge division thus putting down any coup. again these guys are based all around/near the Kremlin many just a block away. A Bat sized unit could be anywhere in Russia in just hours

4. Federal Protection Service 10,000-30,000 troops drawn from politically reliable troops that work in conjunction with FSS above. Intel reports they have gone by the name "Russian legion and Forces for the protection of the russian federation" and under direct Putin control
Equip consists of 60+ T-90MBT,120 BMP-2/3, 80 attack helo,transport helo organized into
1 Mech inf bde, 1 AB regt,1 Presidential guard reg with its own investigative and intelligence branches. These units operate in and around moscow. A true praetorian unit

5. Federal communications and Information agency-55,000 with its own rapid response units and secret police. Intel reports they operate at least two SF units 300-1,000 in each grp.

6.Railway and special construction troops 100,000 are under MoD control but are heavily infiltrated by FCIA and FPS for various reasons. The main reason is FPS/FCIA would be aware of Regular army unit movement via transport system and this could be interdicted with spys/special assault groups to kill leadership

It is hard to say just what units at what times falls under or say they are acting under the laws of the FSB which is the prime over lord agency. some OMON units still under shadow FSB control while others under city and state militia(police)control.

Next up will be Syria as they have the next most powerfull Practorian Guard
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I looked up Republican Guards of the Arab world and noticed something odd.

Both Egypt and Syria maintains their Republican Guard division in the capital for defense. The Egyptian Republican Guard Division numbers 60,000 men with 2 armored brigades, 2 mechanized brigades, and 1 artillery brigade.

The Syrian Republican guard is smaller with 10,000 men, but has 3 armored brigades, 1 mechanized brigade, and 1 artillery regiment.

At 6:1 ratio in numbers, does this mean the Syrian Republican Guard brigades are much smaller in size to the Egyptian ones?