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Honestly Israel is far from America's attack dog. They consistently open their market to us, and frequently disregard American state policies. In terms of aggression, they're not in the vanguard.

Israel is more east Germany, a "model" colony meant to showcase American occupation, which also sits precariously enough that they can get squeezed by US' rivals to threaten them. Obviously the actual east German regime was far more humane and didn't practice genocide, but their role in their respective superpower order is similar. Also, they both often consider themselves "above" the population in the core territories, because of the increased privileges afforded to them, while at the same time trading more openly with the empire's rivals.

NK is not that aggressive, they mostly do their own thing and restrict themselves to Asia. Imo Russia is more like China's attack dog, and US doesn't really have an equivalent, since there's no major countries that voluntarily want to be extra aggressive for the US cause. Maybe Ukraine, but they were all but forced to do so due to Russia.

It’s far more accurate to describe the relationship as America being Israel’s Attack Karen.


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So Minnie Chan is safe after all? Can we expect more Chinese military-related BS from her soon?

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Her internet stalker/fan from facebook ("defense analyst" pinkov?) reported to VOA/RFA that he could not get in touch with her the past month. She has not been liking his post on her account.

Yes, this is the state of "free press"
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World Bank papers show ‘most concerning’ decline in toilet usage. Withdrawn ‘under pressure’ later

The World Bank has withdrawn three papers, including one that flagged a “most concerning” decline in the use of toilets in rural India between 2018 and 2021, after the central government allegedly questioned their findings, sources in the global financial institution told ThePrint.

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